Spa Service & Repair

Got Bugs?

Spa Doctor believes in the continuing education of its customers, as part of our service program our spa technicians will keep you informed of your spa’s health. By selecting one our our many service packages or combination of services, you are insuring yourself of many years of enjoyment out of your spa.

Along with our many service packages, Spa Doctor also offers expert spa repair services. The next time your spa is in need of repair, call the Spa Doctor!

Maintenance Service Program

Spa Doctor maintenance programs are already optimized to be both budget and time-friendly. However, each situation is unique and you may wish to add more or less services. You can create your own custom package based on your specific needs.

Freeze Damage

Regardless of the type of chemical sanitation (bromine or chlorine) you use, Spa Doctor can provide you with a weekly or monthly program that is completely customized to fit both your budget and your needs. We can help to remove all guesswork in order to minimize maintenance time.

Professional Spa Inspections

A complete inspection of your spa may only take about one hour. An inspection is the best way to make sure that your spa is operating efficiently and properly. If your spa is only a couple of years old or even if you’ve purchased a new home with a brand new spa installed, this service is very ideal. Spa inspections are typically scheduled with other services such as draining and filling.

Hot Tub Draining and Refilling

Spa Doctor recommends that you drain and refill your spa three to four times per year. If you choose not to follow draining/refilling recommendations, you may encounter:

  • Unhealthy water conditions
  • Skin irritation and other skin problems
  • Equipment deterioration and decay
  • Potential voiding of warranty