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Snow, Holidays, The Old #3 in Ronald, Washington

It’s the holiday season and one of my favorite stops along my many routes is in Ronald, Washington.  If you’ve been you know what I’m talking about, The Old #3 over the mountains in Ronald!  This time of year in the snow, it’s a wonderful destination!

I have a monthly route that takes The Spa Doctor to Cle Elum, Roslyn, and Ronald areas where we service anywhere from 5 – 10 hot tubs.  Just about every month when we are cleaning hot tubs over there, we stop to have a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants.

A company favorite, for many years running is The Old #3 in Ronald.

The original owner of The Spa Doctor, (Edward Serocki) used to snowmobile all over the ridges and drop down to Ronald. He and others were covered in snow and sometimes even mud! The floors were covered in peanut shells to grab the melting snow. There were hundreds of hats stapled or nailed all over the ceiling and walls. Among those hats was a Spa Doctor hat. Then came a fire and took the building away.

When the remnants were bulldozed – the workers collected some hats that survived the fire and hung them on the cyclone fence.

The Spa Doctor hat survived. Not long ago on one of my many visits, I found that old hat and returned it to its rightful place.  The Old # 3 has been rebuilt, dollars bills are stapled on the walls now and the hats are starting to appear again on the ceiling.

I soon will be making my monthly visit in December to The Old #3, of course after we service some hot tubs in the area.  The next time you are in Ronald – stop in – look for the Spa Doctor hat!

Lastly, The Spa Doctor thanks all our great customers for a wonderful year and we look to forward servicing your hot tubs in 2011!  Happy Holidays and have a safe new year.

Karen Seely, The Spa Doctor

Is Your Spa Filter Clean?

Why is having a clean spa filter important? There are two main reasons we tell our customers;

1. A dirty filter restricts the water flow putting un-needed stress on your spa equipment.

2. Spa filtration is a key element in keeping your spa water clean and aids in keeping the water balanced.

No matter how your filter “looks” it should be replaced every year and more frequently under heavy spa usage, or if filter has not been maintained.

The Spa Doctor recently replaced a filter that looked like this!

Filter 002 (3)

The filter is made of a fibrous material. And over time this material breaks down and allows larger particles and debris to pass through which can cause havoc on your plumbing and equipment. Repairing plumbing and equipment is more costly than an annual expense of replacing a filter.

This customer now has a nice, new spa filter that looks like this!

Filter 003 (3)

If your filter is less than a year old and you can’t get it clean – i.e. does it look clean to you? Then put in a new one.

Take a look at your spa filter and specifically these areas to gauge how dirty your spa filter is;

1. The center part of the filter to see if the core has loosened

2. The pleats to be sure they are still pleated and not wide open. If they appear loose or the pleats of the exterior are wide open, it’s time to replace the filter

3. Check to see if the end caps are cracked, brittle, or discolored.

Replacing a spa filter is one of the very basic and easiest things to do to keep your spa in great working order. Good filtration is very important to the maintenance of your hot tub and ongoing enjoyment.

Unsure if your filter needs to be changed? Call The Spa Doctor today and we would be happy to discuss our drain and detail or monthly services that will keep your spa filter clean, water balanced and spa equipment in good running order.

Karen Seely –