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There is a wide range of spa chemicals on the market today with varying degrees of concentrations and pricing. Spa professionals, like us here at The Spa Doctor, always suggest to our customers that they speak with a knowledgeable spa professional about what type of chemicals to use and how to apply spa chemicals in your spa or hot tub. Any knowledgeable spa professional will have experience with spa chemicals and water conditions specific to your area that will enhance your experience, keep water chemistry in balance, and simply make it very easy for you to add spa chemicals to your spa or hot tub.

A common mistake spa customers make is purchasing spa chemicals from “Big Box” stores at what they perceive to be discounted pricing. Sure you might save a couple bucks per container, but there is a reason as many of these brands have “fillers”, lack strong concentrations, or such employees may not have the experience to educate you about spa chemicals. The result from not purchasing spa chemicals from The Spa Doctor, or similar spa professional – you will need to add more spa chemicals to your spa (more money) and spa equipment will break down faster, even more money!

Our Customers Use Leisure Time Spa Chemicals From The Spa Doctor

We love to tell our customers (and they appreciate it) a few simple things to keep in mind about spa chemicals:

1. Don’t use outdated spa chemicals. For regular spa users it is estimated that spa chemical usage should turnover about every three months.

2. Use your spa chemicals! They are made for a reason, and using them helps keep your water chemistry balanced after using the spa and keeping the water from getting nasty smelling.

3. Purchase a good brand of spa chemicals such as the brand we sell. After all, it’s your spa and you want to enjoy clean, balanced water.

4. Minimize equipment costs. You will be amazed how poor chemical concentrations and lack of applying spa chemicals on a regular basis will break down equipment and elevate costs.

5. We love to educate our customers and show them while standing at the spa how to apply spa chemicals and on what frequency based on usage. Our customers love us for the few moments we take to educate them about applying spa chemicals.

Think about your spa chemical usage and the next time you need to refill ask yourself if saving a couple dollars from a “Big Box” retailer is worth it?

The Spa Doctor delivers spa chemicals daily to our customers whom we maintain their spas on a monthly service or drain and detail. Let us know if you need any spas chemicals and we would be happy to spend a few moments with you to answer any questions you may have about applying to your spa.

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